About Us

ShareOhio services bring together the public and private sectors in a unique partnership to serve the technology needs of Ohio school districts.

The Northern Buckeye Education Council is a nonprofit council of governments. Our mission is to provide managed technology services to the educational community and other public sector entities in an efficient and effective manner. We achieve this by providing an environment where technical resources can be shared to provide maximum efficiencies, and by leveraging partnerships with both public and private entities to provide maximum value.

Northern Buckeye is dedicated to fostering cooperation among public and private entities. We also provide assistance to organizational leadership by planning for the future needs of their entities and by creating opportunities through cooperative services.

Currently, Northern Buckeye provides services to more than 100 entities across the state of Ohio. With our strategic partner, DataServ, we provide numerous services under the ShareOhio name, demonstrating our commitment to cooperative and cost effective services to public entities across the state.

DataServ, a Skoda Minotti Technology Firm, founded in 1986, is a provider of Information Systems and Technology (IST) solutions. We have provided comprehensive IT solutions to the public and commercial markets for three decades. Skoda Minotti is both our business partner and our client, as we manage their IT solutions, provide on-site personnel and offer technical training.

At its core, DataServ offers IST as a Service (ISTaaS) in a partnership model format. We assess, design, install and maintain IST infrastructures for our clients, who are partners. Our services include strategic services, operational services, end user support services, managed services, and project-based services. Specifically, these services cover modern collaborative communication (audio, video and web conferencing, and messaging applications), IP telephony, network management (LAN/WAN), wireless, data centers (hosted onsite or offsite), private clouds, backup and disaster recovery, cybersecurity (firewall, email/content filtering, etc.), end user devices, servers, and physical security (video surveillance and access control). Additionally, DataServ offers a 24/7 Technical Assistance Center for our services.

Over the past decade, IST has changed dramatically and requires ever-changing and challenging expertise that goes beyond the skills and abilities of any one individual or team. In fact, DataServ has identified 42 technology categories that require 28 unique skillsets. That’s why DataServ developed the IST-as-a-Service model. With so much expertise required, just maintaining basic technology needs often becomes the primary focus for many businesses today; consequently, innovation for future growth is hindered.

ShareOhio manages your technology like a utility so you don’t have to. It's in our DNA.