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What our customers say

Bucyrus City School District faced a dilemma: they needed a more efficient and modernized IT infrastructure to support their day-to-day technology.

School officials realized their operations faced uncertainty since most of their work was cloud-based. If their IT went down, so did their cloud, said Ryan Cook, District Treasurer.

Bucyrus would eventually meet with both members of ShareOhio DataServ and the Northern Buckeye Education Council to discuss managed services for their IT.

ShareOhio introduced to Bucyrus the concept of a partnership between their district and ShareOhio. This type of partnership would be mutually beneficial and would remove the burden of maintaining an IT infrastructure from the Bucyrus administration and board.

“We decided we’re not in the IT business; we needed a true partner,” said Cook. “And that’s where NWOCA and DataServ came to the table to sit down and help us understand where we’re at and where we can be (based on our educational goals), while at the same time looking at the budgetary needs to maintain the investment".

Additionally, Cook said Bucyrus officials liked the ShareOhio utility model. Since their partnership began in 2015, Cook said a burden was lifted from school administration.

“We don’t have to worry anymore about the investments in our technology,” said Cook. “We work with NWOCA and DataServ to make sure the equipment in place meets those needs.”