As a founding member of the ShareOhio alliance, DataServ provides a unique way of analyzing an organization’s people and processes to allow them to integrate technology seamlessly into an organization to increase efficiency and productivity. 


A Partner in IT Managed Services

DataServ, founded in 1986, is a provider of Information Systems and Technology (IST) solutions. We have provided comprehensive IT solutions to the public and commercial markets for three decades. Over the past decade, IST has changed dramatically and requires ever-changing and challenging expertise that goes beyond the skills and abilities of any one individual or team. In fact, DataServ has identified 42 technology categories that require 28 unique skillsets. That’s why DataServ co-developed the Utility Model. With so much expertise required, just maintaining basic technology needs often becomes the primary focus for many schools today; consequently, innovation for future growth is hindered.


Everything is on the Network

School district critical technology relies on the internet, networking, servers, computers, storage, data, cloud-based services, security, processes, policies, staffing, and training, which make up your core IT infrastructure. Trustworthy and reliable connectivity is a utility, like electricity and water, required for effective learning environments. Without consistent and secure access to the internet and the network, students and teachers can’t leverage use devices, such as printers, phone systems, Chromebooks, and security systems, to learn or function safely within the school environment.


Beyond Your Managed Services Provider

At its core, DataServ offers services that treat technology as a utility in a partnership model format. We assess, design, install, and maintain IST infrastructures for our partners.