Northern Buckeye Education Council

As a founding member of the ShareOhio alliance, NBEC provides operational needs for school districts to create a stable and reliable learning environment that meet student needs and achieve educational goals and objectives.


Dedicated to Fostering Cooperation

Northern Buckeye is dedicated to fostering cooperation among public and private entities. They provide assistance to organizational leadership by planning for the future needs of their entities and by creating opportunities through cooperative services.

Currently, Northern Buckeye provides services to more than 100 entities across the state of Ohio to create a reliable network infrastructure that classrooms can depend on to enhace student learning.


Everything is on the Network

School district critical technology relies on the internet, networking, servers, computers, storage, data, cloud-based services, security, processes, policies, staffing, and training, which make up your core IT infrastructure. Trustworthy and reliable connectivity is a utility, like electricity and water, required for effective learning environments. Without consistent and secure access to the internet and the network, students and teachers can’t leverage use devices, such as printers, phone systems, Chromebooks, and security systems, to learn or function safely within the school environment.


Achieving Effciencies of Scale